Application Form

Having read and carefully considered all of the above information, if you want to apply for inclusion in the List of EPA recognized specialist in Prosthodontics, please complete the application form in English, send it along with a digital photograph of yourself to the EPA Prosthodontic Specialisation Committee Secretary (Dr Argirios Pissiotis). The application fee is 150 Euros and is non-refundable. The application fee can be paid by the following methods:

Cheques or Banker's Drafts should be made payable to "European Prosthodontic Trust", and MUST be in Euros. These must be sent to our treasurer Dr Ransom Altman, EPA, Frankenslag 345, 2582 HP Den Haag, The Netherlands


Payment by Bank Transfer - EPA bank detail is as follows:

Account number - 226208974;
IBAN number - NL21 FVLB 0226 2089 74
Bank name: F. van Lanschot Bankiers N.V.
Bank address: Hooge Steenweg 27 -31
5211 JN
The Netherlands

Application form

N.B. If you are paying by this method, you must also include any bank charges incurred. Payments MUST be in Euros. Please send an email to Dr Ransom Altman ( informing him that payment has been sent.

Application Fee

Once applicants are recognized by the European Prosthodontic Association, their name will be entered onto the list of EPA recognized Specialist in Prosthodontics and their name will remain on the list, provided they continue to be members of the EPA and have a current authority to practice dentistry.